Using paths will allow you to track the engagement between your control panel users and your supporters over time. Each step on the path can represent a step along a relationship journey with your supporters, otherwise known as a ladder of engagement. 

To help teams and volunteers stay on target, assign paths to control panel users (CPUs) with a due date. This will allow you to track your CPUs’ success with moving your supporters along the path. Path assignments will clearly display which CPU is working with which supporter. Assigning specific CPUs to tasks will provide clarity on how their contribution will help to achieve the organization's mission.

  • By assigning a control panel user to a path, the CPU will automatically receive notifications for any new supporters who are added to the path.

  • Set an expected completion date to the path to make sure you are on track to reaching your goals. You can also set a due date for a path step to ensure that each action that your supporters are taking are on track to complete the path and goal. 

  • To indicate a priority supporter, add a path value to the path on a supporter’s profile. Path values can be used to elevate important donors for quicker outreach from your volunteers.

Using paths in conjunction with assignments will distribute leadership, build alignment, and create accountability for your team. 

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