A nation's goals can be broken down into paths to meet those goals. Paths can serve as a map of where a relationship currently stands. It is a step-by-step workflow to complete a chain of actions. Paths define reasons for engaging supporters and creating alignment and accountability within an organization.

Paths will display on people's profiles so you can always see what their status is in relation to your goals. 

You can create paths from scratch, or use/edit NationBuilder's default paths

Create a path

Click on the People tab. You’ll see the path picker button, click on it and then select + Create path.

1. Give the new path a name. E.g. Attend a fundraiser.

2. If you’d like to enable a completion date for the path, select the checkbox and select your timeframe. (optional)

3. If you want to give the path a value, you can select the checkbox and input a value. (optional)

4. Assign path to- If you would like to make one person responsible for this path overall, select that person via the dropdown menu.

5. Click Create path.

Add steps to the path

Now you need to add steps (aka actionable items) to your path.

1. Give each step a name.

2. Set step due date for- If you’d like this step completed within a certain timeframe, select one from the dropdown menu.

3. Assign step to- If you would like to make a person responsible for this specific step, select that person via the dropdown menu.

4. Click Create step.

Steps will populate at the bottom of the page. To reorder your steps, you can click and hold a step to drag it to a new position. To edit a step, hover over it and click Edit

Paths also have some advanced and automated features you can set up as well. 

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