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Email your supporters

Email is a powerful tool to reach your supporters and get them to take action.

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Create an email blast

Click on Communication to see your list of broadcasters. Click on one, then select the New Email Blast quick link beneath the name of the broadcaster.

1. Enter a name (The slug will auto-populate based on the name, but you can change the slug if you like). Leave an optional short description or note in the “Description” text box.

2. The default sender of your blast is the name of your broadcaster. Change the sender by entering a new name in the “From” field.

3. Enter a subject line for your email in the “Subject” field.

4. If you are including links to your website in your blast, consider checking the provided checkbox. When checked, forms on your website will auto-populate with email information from the recipient’s profile. 

5. If you’d like to copy content from a drafted or sent mailing, you can use the "Clone from previous blast" dropdown menu.

6. Enter preview text for your email in the "Preview text" field. This will be the 1-2 lines of text that will be shown in the recipient's email client (along with the subject line) before they open the email.

7. Click Create blast. You will be directed to the theme section of your blast.

Select a theme

Under Theme you may choose from a selection of available stock themes. 

Select a theme by hovering over the thumbnail image and clicking Use theme. This will save your selected theme and direct you to the content section of your email.

Enter and preview content

To enter content and images for your email blast, click the Content tab of your blast.

1. Enter content for the body of your email AKA your message to people. You can also add images, buttons, or use smart fields

To preview your content, select Save content, or to save and move on click Save and continue

You can use the test email button to send a test email. Send to multiple people by separating with commas, test emails will have [test] in the subject line.

📌 Note: You cannot send a test message while in trial. Navigate to 'Contacts and billing' > Plan in the top right of your control panel to end trial mode.

Add recipients

Select recipients for your blast.

1. Decide whether you are sending this blast to supporters or prospects based on your recipients' support statuses

 2. Select recipients based on a list, tag, or saved filter. For example, you may add the subscribers of your weekly newsletter by adding all supporters with the tag “weekly newsletter.” Alternatively, you may choose “All” and select all supporters in your nation, or all prospects. 

3. Click Save recipients or Save and review to be moved to the review and send section.

Review and send your email

Before you send or schedule your email, you can review the details of your email blast - including how it looks, the recipient list and the content. If you need to make any changes, you can return to the relevant tab and make edits.

Click Send email now to XX people to send your email blast immediately or you can schedule your email by clicking the Schedule button and selecting a date/time. 

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