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Configure preview text

How to add preview text in an email blast

Updated over a week ago

What’s email preview text?

Preview text (also called preheader text) is the brief text usually displayed directly after the subject line when viewing an email from the inbox. By default, email clients will display the first 30-40 characters of your email, which may not always be ideal.

Define your email preview text

When creating an email blast, you can specify exactly what you want your preview text to read. You can configure your preview text in the Settings step of your email blast.

In addition to plain text, your preview text can include liquid variables to further personalize your messaging.

We recommend sending a test email to yourself to see how the preview text looks in your inbox before sending it to all intended recipients.

Make sure your custom email theme supports the preview text field

While all stock NationBuilder email themes support the preview text field, custom themes must be updated. To allow your custom theme to support preview text, find <body> in the HTML template and add {{ preview_text }} immediately after it.

We recommend you do not alter the {{ preview_text }} tag in any way (such as using a filter or concatenating it), as this could result in unexpected behavior. If modified, you will see a note on Review and Send to make sure your theme supports this field, as we may be unable to detect it.

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