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Enroll your signups in an automation
Enroll your signups in an automation

Actions from the several buttons can trigger a multiple source automation. Learn how to set this up.

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If you have the ActionButton add-on enabled, you can enroll signups from Contact Your Lawmakers, Custom Email Target, Opinion, Petition, and Signup buttons into an automation. This can help ensure your new supporters get a follow-up after taking action so you can build deeper relationships.

πŸ“Œ Note that this is only possible with the multiple source automation type.

Add signups to your running automation

In your ActionButton control panel, navigate to your button and click the ... icon and select Add people to automation. This option is only available when the account is connected to a nation and "opt-in" is enabled for the button.

You will then be prompted to select the automation you want to enroll your supporters in. You see a checkbox that gives you the option to enroll existing signups into the automation as shown here:

Check this box if you'd like to include signups who have previously taken action on this button, otherwise, leave it unchecked.

Remove your button as the source of an automation

Navigate to the button that is currently the source of an automation, click the ... icon and select Remove as automation source.

You will then be prompted to confirm the removal of the automation source, click Remove from automation, as shown here:



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