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How can I let my members cancel their membership themselves?
How can I let my members cancel their membership themselves?

With our supporter portal members can update their memberships themselves without your team having to change anything for them.

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πŸ“Œ Note: Memberships are not available on all plan types. Review our pricing page for details, and upgrade your plan at any time under Contacts & Billing > Plan.

Membership management

The membership management section allows your members to see a list of all of their memberships, regardless of whether or not they're associated with a donation. However, if a membership is paid, the member will be able to see the associated payment information.

To configure your donation management settings, make sure the supporter portal is enabled for your nation and navigate to your nation Settings > Nation Defaults > Supporter portal > Membership management.

For recurring payments made via credit card, like recurring donors, members will be able to update the payment method on file for their transactions or cancel their memberships should you choose to allow them to do so. The supporter portal is available to logged-in supporters at https://[your domain]/supporter_portal.

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