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New Gmail and Yahoo Sender Requirements
New Gmail and Yahoo Sender Requirements

Beginning Feb 1st, 2024, changes made by Gmail and Yahoo began affecting how your emails are delivered. Find out how to maintain compliance.

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Beginning February 1st, 2024, Google & Yahoo began enforcing new bulk email-sending requirements. These requirements apply to anyone sending email to a significant number of recipients.

Google defines a significant number to be more than 5,000 emails sent in a single day to recipients using their domains. Gmail and Yahoo! Mail will filter out or reject emails from non-compliant bulk email senders.

NationBuilder has ensured that 6 of the 8 requirements are already in place. You may need to act on requirements one and two.

Requirement One - All senders must have a DMARC record (Domain-based Message Authentication).

This requirement applies to you if you are managing your DNS for your custom domain.

How can I find out who manages my DNS?

Go to Settings > Domains. If any of your active domains have a "No" under "NB Managed" you will need to go to your Domain Registrar to add a DMARC record. Read more on how complete this.

How do I configure a DMARC record if I'm managing my own domain?

You can find DMARC record generators online, like MXToolbox, which will create a record and help you monitor the results. You can also simply look for “DMARC generator” to find a free online tool.

The way you add a DMARC record to your domain management system varies by provider. Here are the instructions for the most popular providers:

Requirement Two - Gmail and Yahoo require your "Reported Spam Score" is below 0.3%.

A good place to check what your overall reported spam score is in your control panel Communications > All Broadcasters > Email Stats

This is your overall reported Spam Score. It may be a little different than your Gmail-reported spam score. To see Gmail reported spam score specifically, you will need to use Google Postmaster Tools.

If your spam score is above 0.1% - Read this helpful article
If your spam score is above 0.2% - Your email program will be paused by NationBuilder until we can resolve your sending issues.
If your spam score is above 0.3% - Email service providers Gmail and Yahoo will not allow your email to be delivered to their inboxes.

To read about the other six requirements, please see our blog post.

If you have questions, please read All About DMARC or send an email to [email protected].

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