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Check Registration button
Check Registration button

Learn about the ActionButton that allows supporters to see if they're registered to vote and complete optional follow-up actions.

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The Check Your Registration button is a new type of ActionButton released in April 2024 that allows users to check whether or not they are registered to vote at their current US* address.

📌 Please note that this button is unavailable to check registrations for voters in the state of Maine.

Depending on whether they are deemed registered or not, the supporter will be prompted to take a follow-up action through a call to action button after their results are displayed (e.g., “Here’s where to get registered”). This is the first time an ActionButton can direct supporters to a URL you choose based on their action, which has exciting implications.

From this screen, you can elect to enable follow-up actions for registered and/or unregistered voters, prompting you to enter the button text and URL for each.

If you have a connected NationBuilder account, people who interact with your button will be

  • Added to your nation, if not already signed up

  • Given a tag indicating which button they interacted with

  • As well as other optional integrations such as:

    • Given custom tag(s)

    • be assigned to a point person

    • be added to an ongoing automation

    • be added to a path and step

    • be awarded social capital

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