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Create a custom recruiting page
Create a custom recruiting page

Allow supporters to "tell a friend" via email or social, and then see who ultimately signed-up through their personal tracking link.

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Features of the recruiting page type

Through the Recruiting page type, you can encourage your supporters to promote any page on your website to their network.

In general, when someone who is logged-in β€” they've activated their supporter account on your site β€” or "sorta logged-in" β€” e.g. they've recently taken action elsewhere on your site β€” lands on a recruiting page, they'll see the following features.

πŸ“Œ Note: Visitors who are neither logged-in nor sorta logged-in will only see the intro and share functionality.

Headline & Intro

Like other NationBuilder page types, you can customize the headline and intro text, as well as add images, GIFs, videos, etc. This is a good place to make the case for sharing the whatever page it is you want your people to share.

Your personal tracking link + quick share buttons

Next, the supporter will see a section that displays their full personal recruiter link, along with a button that makes it easy to manually copy/paste that tracking link anywhere they want.

If the page viewer is neither logged-in nor sorta-logged in, they will see a prompt to sign into their supporter account to get their personal tracking link:

Beneath the recruiter link, there will be a series of buttons or icons that allow supporters to quickly share your chosen action page to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or WhatsApp.

How these get displayed will varies by theme, but the behavior is the same. When they click the share button, it will open up the post editor for the corresponding social network, and append their recruiter link to that post. From there, they can enter or edit the text they want to include in the post before publishing it.

πŸ“Œ Note: You can provide default share text for Twitter (more on that below), but the other channels no longer support this feature, so we only append the link.

Personal recruitment tracker

From the recruiting page, logged-in recruiters will also be able to view any supporters who ultimately signed-up through their personal tracking link, as well as some basic info about how those new supporters have engaged with your nation.

πŸ“Œ Note: You can disable this feature by unchecking Show overview of all followers under Recruiting settings > Basics. More on that below.

The personal recruitment tracker may include some or all of the following stat boxes and table columns, depending on whether you have the corresponding features enabled in your nation settings:

Name: The name of the recruit, hyperlinked to their public profile page (if public profiles are enabled).

Supporters: Indicates the recruit's support status in your nation. Possible values:

  • YES β€” is supporter (opted-in to communications)

  • YES 1 β€” has been marked with Support Level 1 - Strong Support

  • YES 2 β€” has been marked Support Level 2 - Weak Support

  • 3 β€” has been marked Support Level 3 - Undecided

πŸ“Œ Note: If a recruit's support level gets marked as a 4 - Weak Oppose or 5 - Strong Oppose, they will be removed from this tracker table.

Volunteers: Indicate whether someone is either a volunteer, or has been promoted to the level of control panel user. Only appears if "volunteers" feature is enabled in your nation settings. Possible values:

  • YES β€” recruit has been marked as a volunteer in your nation or submitted a Volunteer Signup form

  • intern β€” recruit has been made into a control panel user on your nation

  • NO β€” recruit has not been marked as a volunteer

Donors: Indicates whether or not the recruiter has ever donated (YES/NO). Only appears if "donations" feature is enabled in nation settings.

Could vote: Indicates whether or not the person is attached to a register voter record in your nation (YES/NO). Only appears if "voters" feature is enabled in nation settings.

Will vote: Indicates whether the recruit has committed to vote for your candidate via a Vote Pledge action (YES/null). Only appears if "voters" feature is enabled in your nation settings.

Personal recruitment activity feed

Lastly, the recruiter will see an activity feed that includes all actions taken by supporters across any page on your NationBuilder site, where the action-taker arrived via the recruiter's personal tracking link.

The activity feed feature can be disabled in the action page settings. The same privacy controls apply as all activity streams.

Find or create a recruiting page

A recruiting page is one of the default unlisted pages created when any new NationBuilder website is started β€” so it's possible your nation already has one you can start from!

To see if one already exists, head to Website > Your Site, then use the page type search/select drop-down menu to filter for all Recruiting pages:

Diplaying pages 1-30 of X in total of type [all]

The default recruiting page's slug is typically spread_the_word β€” so if you see that, feel free to start by just editing that existing page:

Otherwise, to create a new one, click the New page button, enter your desired page name, and then click Show all page types:

Now find and select the Recruiting page type, and click Create Page.

Customize your recruiting page settings

Configuring a recruiting page is straightforward! Truth be told, you could just leave all of the settings untouched and it'll work just fine β€” it'll just default to promoting your NationBuilder homepage. That said, this isn't a best practice, so let's talk settings:


You have the following customization options under Recruiting settings > Basics.

  • Page to promote: Just type the page slug. As you type, NationBuilder will suggest matching slugs. If left blank, it will default to the homepage.

  • Default tweet: When a supporter clicks the button to share on Twitter, the content you enter here will pre-populate that tweet β€” so think about the language your supporters would naturally use there. You don't need to include the URL, a recruiter tracking link to your Page to promote will be included automatically.

  • Show overview of all followers: This refers to the personal recruitment tracker table and stat boxes. If you don't want your recruiters to be able to see who they've recruited, uncheck this box to hide that table.

  • Show stream of user's recruiting activity: This refers to the activity stream which shows actions taken via the page viewer's personal tracking link. Uncheck this box to hide that activity stream from the page.


To add a customized call to action on your recruiting page, navigate to Recruiting settings > Intro. From there, it works just like any other page type. You can customize the headline, add a additional text you'd like to appear above the share features, as well as images / GIFs / videos / etc.

If you're using one of our stock themes, the following text will appear below your intro content, depending on whether or not the page viewer is logged-in or sorta logged-in:

  • Logged-in or sorta logged-in: "Anyone referred through your personal tracking link or through the buttons below will be credited to you."

  • Not logged-in: "Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or email to get your personal tracking link."

Generally this language is helpful, but if you'd like to change or remove it, contact our support team and we can help you customize the page template.

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