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How recruiters are tracked
How recruiters are tracked

Every profile/donation in your nation can include a recruiter. These actions can be rewarded with social capital & tracked in Leaderboards.

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Where to Start

Every profile and every donation in your nation can include a recruiter. Every supporter can become a recruiter! These actions can be acknowledged with social capital and tracked in Leaderboards.

Here's an example of how recruiters are automatically tracked:

When Jack makes a donation on your website, a prompt appears encouraging him to tweet and post on Facebook to encourage others to give money. The default post has a link back to the donation page. Jack's Twitter follower, Sally, clicks on the link and donates to your organization. Sally's donation record will note that Jack recruited the donation.

Jack receives social capital for donating and for recruiting Sally's donation. He is added to a leaderboard, which prominently displays your organization's most engaged supporters. The public recognition encourages him to continue promoting your activities.

Recruiter information can be edited on a person's profile under Edit > Donations.

Under the hood

Several features worked together to support the donation example above. At the core is a page link that includes recruiter tracking. When a new site visitor enters using a referral link, any action taken will include the appropriate recruiter.

Recruiter links, also referred to as personal tracking links, add ?recruiter_id={{}} to the end of a page URL.

When the link is published, it includes the signup ID of the logged-in supporter. A signup ID, also known as a NationBuilder ID, is generated automatically when a profile is created in your database. It is not necessary to know a particular person's signup ID in order to use recruiter links--your nation will determine it automatically based on who is logged into your website.

The recruiter link was included automatically at the end of a default post in a social share prompt. Once Sally clicked on the link, a cookie was added to her computer that tracked her movement on your website. Perhaps Jill, another one of Jack's Twitter followers, clicked on the same donation link. When Jill got to the donation page, she decided she would rather give her time and filled-out a volunteer form. Even though she moved away from the original page, Jack is still recorded as Jill's recruiter because a cookie tracked her movement through the site and connected her back to Jack using his recruiter ID.

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: If using the recruiter link in an email, in order for the URL to properly function, you will need to hyperlink it with the full liquid variable. E.g.{{}}

Social share prompts

A social share prompt is a message that pops onto a supporter's screen after they take action on your website. Social share prompts automatically add recruiting links to the end of a page URL.ย 

Here is an example social share prompt using the Publish theme:

Personal fundraising pages

This is an example personal fundraising page.

A public profile turns into a personal fundraising page when a supporter logs into your website and adds a fundraising goal. Each profile is hosted on a unique page on your website -- the page slug is determined by the supporter's username.

When a new site visitor, Jeff, takes action through a supporter's personal fundraising page, that supporter will be automatically recorded as Jeff's recruiter.

Recruiting pages

You can also create a dedicated recruiting page to make it easy for supporters to promote a specific page on your website.

This page includes the following features:

  • Displays their personal tracking link for a page of your choosing, making it easy for them to copy/paste that into 1:1 emails, Medium posts, etc

  • Includes quick share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp

  • And even allow your recruiters to view who they've successfully recruited, and what sorts of actions those recruits have taken

Editing a profile

When viewing a profile in single-person view, you can add a recruiter.

In Edit > Settings, the "Recruited by" dropdown menu is at the bottom of the page.ย 

You can search for anyone who already exists in your nation. You can search by name, email address, or Twitter handle. Remember to click the Save person button after selecting a recruiter.

Editing a donation

When entering a donation manually in your control panel, you can indicate a fundraiser. A donation's fundraiser is the recruiter of the donation. If a donation is recorded without a recruiter, the donor will be listed as its fundraiser.

Any donation record can be edited to add a fundraiser.ย 

From the Settings section of a donation record, the Fundraiser dropdown menu is at the bottom of the page.

You can search by name, email address, or Twitter handle. Be sure to click the Save donation button after editing a donation record.

Importing recruiters

Whenever a profile is imported into your nation, a recruiter can be included. Within a donation import, it is possible to list two recruiters: the person who introduced your organization and the person who raised the donation being imported.

Social capital

By default, supporters receive social capital for recruiting new supporters, donations, and other actions. This virtual currency is an easy way to track and reward the most active members of your community.


Leaderboards can be used to acknowledge your most active recruiters publicly. Supporters may take additional actions to claim a higher place on a leaderboard, creating a circle of increased engagement.

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