Peer to peer (P2P) fundraising is one of the most powerful ways to engage a community in helping to achieve your organization’s goal. Did you know that any supporter in your nation can be automatically assigned a recruiter ID? This custom recruiter ID can be used in tandem with a variety of features- from Leaderboards to Personal Fundraising pages- that allow you to distribute leadership to your biggest advocates. 

  • Encourage your most dedicated supporters to enable a personal fundraising page by adding a fundraising goal to their public profile. Not only does this enable supporters to fundraise on your behalf, it also allows you to track- and follow up with- your most influential fundraisers.

  • Set up a Leaderboard page on your website to highlight your most successful recruiters. This gamifies the process to make it even more fun and motivating for the people who are giving time and energy to your cause, and may inspire others to get involved! 

  • Grow your large-scale P2P fundraising recruitment at scale with smart fields. By using smart fields in your email blasts, you can both personalize your fundraising asks and deploy personalized recruiter codes to all recipients. Consider also adding a note of encouragement by including how many donors your supporter has recruited so far. 

Recruiter links can be a very powerful tool to engage your supporters and expand your community of fundraisers. Distributing fundraising efforts to your community will allow your organization to gather donations at scale.

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