Social Capital allows you to track, rank, and follow your supporters' engagement through an automated point system. Points can be awarded or deducted based on each action a supporter takes. 

Based on this, you can then filter on political capital to find who within your community is engaging and how you can encourage more action amongst your strongest advocates.

  • Create a Leaderboard page on your website to highlight your top ten highest social capital earners. This gamifies the process to inspire others to get involved and get on top of the Leaderboard. 

  • Send an email blast using smart fields to tell your supporters how many points they have and provide opportunities to take more actions on your website to earn more points.

  • Filter for political capital points to find internally who your most engaged supporters are so you can thank them, reach out to them with VIP newsletters, and more! This is a great way for you and your team to get a health check of your nation to see how well you're performing and what other tactics and strategies you can use to further your engagement with your supporters. 

Social capital can be a very powerful tool used internally or externally to engage your supporters, encourage activity, and create clarity for your team. 

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