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You can use leaderboards to identify and empower leaders in your community! Find your top recruiters and contributors. Display leaderboards on your website and acknowledge the supporters who are making the most valuable contributions to your organization.

Leaderboards live in the People section of your control panel.

Types of leaderboards

Each type measures a different action taken by your supporters. There are 20 actions to choose from:

Create a leaderboard

Go to People > More > Leaderboards, and select + New leaderboard. 

Select the type of leaderboard you'd like to create from the dropdown menu.

1. Select the group of people in your nation that you'd like to include in the rankings. For example, you may want a leaderboard to track the most recruited donations, but you don’t want your Development Director included.

2. Status- You can chose to publish (or not) your leaderboard on your website. (You will have to create a leaderboard page to make it visible, see more on this below.)

3. Give your leaderboard a name

4. Enter a goal. When a goal exists, a progress bar will appear above the leaderboard in the control panel, as well as your website. Leave this text box empty if you do not want to use a goal.

5. Show the top- How many rankings do you want to show? Enter a number from 1-10.

6. You can choose to measure activities that only take place on a specific website page. For example, if you want to measure the most recruited donors from a specific donation landing page, you can select that page here. Select a page by entering the page slug.

7. You can select to have your leaderboard measure activities that take place during a specific time frame. You can choose a shifting time period, like the last two weeks or the last day, or you can choose a start and end date. For a shifting time period, select your time frame from the dropdown menu. To select dates click inside the Start at text box. A pop up calendar will appear. Select a date to start your leaderboard. Click inside the End at text box. A second pop up calendar will appear. Select the end date for your leaderboard. If you have chosen dates you must select a timezone. This will tell the leaderboard when to begin and end counting actions based on your nation’s time zone.

8. Click Save leaderboard. Your leaderboard will be saved and accessible at People > Leaderboards > Active

To edit or view your leaderboard hover over it and select Edit. Delete your leaderboard by clicking on the arrow.  

All inactive leaderboards will be viewable under People > Leaderboards > Old. A leaderboard becomes inactive when your chosen time frame expires.

Display your leaderboard

Leaderboards are key tools to motivate and validate your star supporters. Publishing leaderboards on your website is the best way to encourage these supporters. Select the leaderboards to publish and give your supporters the motivation to get in one of the top ten spots. 

Create a leaderboard page

To publish a leaderboard on your website you must first create a leaderboard page.

1. From the Website section click + New page.

2. Enter a page name and slug (will populate with name, you can edit it if you like). 

3. Select the Leaderboard page type from the list. 

4. Click Create Page.

Leaderboard settings

Go to your new page > Leaderboard settings > Leaderboards.

1. Select the leaderboard you want to display from the dropdown menu. You may add more than one leaderboard to your page. Only active leaderboards will be available. You may not add a leaderboard more than once.

2. Click Add leaderboard. Added leaderboards will be visible on your public website. Please note, leaderboard information is put in the queue to be updated in your Nation every other even hour (i.e. 12am, 2am, 4am, etc.). Hover over and click Edit to edit your leaderboard. Click the arrow to delete the leaderboard from the website page. The leaderboard will still be available in your control panel.

If you publish more than one leaderboard you may change the display order of your leaderboards using the drag and drop function.

Leaderboards and virtual currency

A leaderboard is the best way to view the impact of virtual currency in your nation. To have leaderboards that accurately show the effect of social capital on your nation, award capital to actions you think are most helpful. Use the leaderboard types: Most Earned Social Capital and Most Spent Social Capital. These two leaderboards will provide a snapshot of who is contributing to, or detracting from, your nation.

To set up a virtual currency leaderboard:

Review how much capital is awarded for the actions you want to encourage or deter. Go to Settings > Defaults > Social capital. More information on how to configure your social capital here.

Create a leaderboard using either the “Most Earned Social Capital” or “Most Spent Social Capital.”

Use the leaderboard to gamify your organization’s goals. Publish the leaderboard on your website and share the board with your supporters. Encourage them to take more actions to earn more social capital and get a spot on the leaderboard. 

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