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Types of NationBuilder pages
Types of NationBuilder pages

NationBuilder offers a growing selection of page types that offer you rich features for developing your community!

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In the Website section of your control panel, click on + New page to create one of the following pages:

The "New page" view with all page types listed

Activity Stream: A Facebook-style news feed of activity happening on the site or people you're following.

Basic: Nothing fancy, just pure HTML.

Blog: Tell your story, or ask your supporters to contribute theirs.

Calendar: Listing of upcoming events, optionally allow user submitted events, searching for nearby events, and an overview map of all events. 

Directory: Show a filtered and sortable listing of your supporters. 

Donation: Accept one-time or recurring credit card donations.

Donation (v2): Accept one-time and recurring credit card donations.

Endorsement: Individuals and/or organizations can make endorsements. You can set a goal and feature important endorsements.

Events: Create event pages for community events, parties, etc. You can accept RSVPs, fill volunteer shifts, sell tickets, track attendance and more.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

Feedback: Solicit feedback from supporters via a single free form text field. For example, 'contact us' or 'tell your story.’

Find Friends: Allow supporters to use Facebook or Twitter to connect with their friends and followers who have already joined. 

Followers: Everyone following the person signed in.

Follows: Everyone the person signed in is following. 

Invoice: Allow customers to pay their invoices online, and see current and past invoices.

Leaderboard: Publish one or many leaderboards to recognize your stars.

Moneybomb: Ask for pledges to donate at a specific time and recruit others to do the same. 

Nation Signup: Start a new nation. Network customers can create a nation signup page.

Petition: Collect digital signatures, photos, and stories for your cause.

Political Capital: The history and current balance of the signed in person's social capital.

Press Release: Release an official statement to the media.

Recruiting: Recruit friends and track their involvement. Have they donated? Are they volunteering?

Redirect: Redirect people to another page or an entirely different website.

Rules: The simplest and surprisingly most effective way to keep a nation civil is by having a set of rules and enforcing them.

Signup: Basic signup form, you can ask people for their email address, physical address, phone, whether they want to volunteer, etc.

Suggestion Box: Crowdsource suggestions and allow people to rate them based on criteria you specify, or comment. For example, you can solicit policy ideas around a particular topic and let people rate the ideas based on whether they are good, bad, impractical or important. Or you can crowdsource questions for an event, letting people rate them as great, off-topic, important, etc.

Survey: Collect answers to your survey questions. 

Volunteer Signup: Recruit volunteers, and ask them to sign up for specific roles and shifts.

Vote Pledge: Ask people if they support your campaign and serve them different content based on their response.

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