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Build your first page
Build your first page

NationBuilder offers a large selection of page types that offer you rich features for developing your community!

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An “action page” is a website page where your visitor is asked to take an action like sign a petition, make a donation, or RSVP to an event. 

To start, you'll want to check out the 30 different kinds of action pages NationBuilder offers, and identify which ones you can use. Based on your current needs, choose one of the action page types to create. In this example, we'll go over the creation of a donation page, but setup is similar for all page types

A donation page is a fundamental tool for almost any organization to process credit card donations from a website. NationBuilder donation pages are flexible for your needs and can act as a simple donation page, a paid membership signup page, or a payment page to purchase items such as tickets. You can configure a donation page to exclusively accept one-time or monthly payments, or offer both to the donor. You have the ability to create as many donation pages as you need to reach your goals and track fundraising efforts.

Note: If you are using a third-party payment processor, you must set up the old version of this page

Basic settings

Create a new page by navigating to your website and selecting + New page.

1. Enter the name of the page and slug.

2. Select the Donation (v2) page type.

📌 Note: We display the eight most used page types for your nation based on your settings and add-ons. To see all available pages simply click on 'Show all page types'.

3. Select a checkbox to include the page in top nav or supporter nav.

4. Click Create Page at the bottom.

You will be directed to Settings > Page settings. This is where you can select general settings for the page.

Under Donation Settings > Basics, you can select what payment processor you would like to connect to your donation page from the Payment processor dropdown menu.

You will also select what kinds of donations you would like to accept from this section: one-time only, recurring only, or one-time and recurring. Recurring payments - a.k.a. “monthly payments” - allow donors to give a set amount of money every month for an unlimited amount of time.

If you leave “Accept multiple amounts” enabled, you can set what default amounts display on your page. Do not add dollar signs or other monetary symbols. An “other” option will be available in addition to these values where the donor can set a custom amount. 

Remember to click Save settings at the bottom of your page.

Add content to your donation page

Donation pages include an ‘Intro’ section where you can post a personal appeal.

To customize that text, go to Donation settings > Intro. To add an image to this section, click on the image button. It's a free-form text field, so you have a lot of flexibility.

If you need to add a custom disclaimer that you want people to check off before donating, you can add one in your payment processor settings.

Autoresponse donation receipt

A receipt is sent to your donor as part of the autoresponse email. By default, the receipt looks like this:

You can edit the donation receipt at Donation settings > Autoresponse. If your page accepts recurring donations, this is where you will set whether or not the donor receives an email for every monthly donation, or only the first donation in the series. You can select whether or not to automatically send this email by clicking the checkbox next to "Automatically send donors an email."

An un-customized PDF version of a donor’s receipt can also be accessed on their personal profile.

Need more direction? We also offer demos and virtual/in-person training sessions!

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