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Create a press release page
Create a press release page

A press release page allows you to house all of your organization's press releases in one place on your website.

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Create a press release page

To create a press release page, go to Website > [Website Name] > + New page.

  1. Give a name to your page. A slug will auto-populate based on the name, though you can change it if you wish.

2. Select Press Release as the type of page.

📌 Note: Based on what add-ons you have enabled for your nation, the featured pages may be different.

3. Decide whether to include it in the top nav or support nav.

4. Then click the Create Page button.

Press release content

Next, you'll be taken to the content editor for your press release. 

1. The headline will transfer as whatever you called the page, however, you can change this if you like and it will not affect the page title. If you are only displaying one press release, this should be the actual headline of your press release. 

If you plan to house multiple press releases within this page (more on this below), you may want to just include an introduction here as the main page, and then create all future press releases as subpages. 

2. Your name will automatically display as the author. You can use the dropdown menu to select another author if you wish. Note, the contact information for whomever is set as the author will display at the top of the press release page. 

3. Published date- This will only display once the page is live on your website, you can return to the content tab any time to alter the date. 

4. You can type/insert press release content directly into the editor using a variety of tools

To add an image to the press release, you can click on the Insert/Edit Image button in the content editor.

Once saved, you can preview  your content using the Preview option at the top of the page. When you're satisfied with your content, click the Publish button. 

Tip: Updating the default facebook post/tweet for a blog post from Settings > Social Media and uploading a thumbnail image in that area can be particularly helpful in encouraging people to share/interact with your content.

Creating additional press releases as subpages

If you'd like all of your organization's press releases to be available in one place, you can continue to add press releases as subpages under the first press release page you created. 

📌 If you plan to do this, you'll likely want to remove the parent page from top nav so it doesn't repeat in the dropdown menu.

To add press releases, navigate to Website > [Your press release] > Subpages, then click the "New subpage" button. 

1. Type in the name (headline) for your press release.

2. Select Press Release as the type of page.

3. Click the checkboxes next to both "Include in top nav" and "Include in supporter nav" this will ensure your press release is included in the dropdown menu like so:

4. Finally, click the Create Page button, once again, you'll be taken to the content editor for your press release. Follow the steps under "Press release content" above.

Once created, your press releases will be accessible under the Subpages tab.

You can hover over and click Edit next to any press release to edit it further. To delete a press release, select the arrow and click Delete this page

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