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Create a FAQ page

Create a FAQ page by going to Website > [Website name] > + New Page.

1. Enter the name of the page and slug.

2. Select the FAQ page type.

📌Note: Based on what add-ons you have enabled for your nation, the featured pages may be different.

3. Select the checkbox to include the page in top nav or supporter nav.

4. Click Create Page at the bottom.

Adding questions and answers

You will be directed to Questions & Subpages once you click Create Page. You can navigate here at any time by clicking Website > page name > Questions & subpages.

1. Enter your question in the box labeled Headline/Question.

2. Status- Select whether or not you'd like this to be published now, unlisted, etc. 

3. Click Add question

Once you click, you'll land on the Q&A page.

You'll see your question at the top of the page.

1. Enter any further question detail in the Question detail box. (Optional)

2. Enter your answer in the Answer box.

3. Question By- This will default to you as the author but you can select another person in your Nation if you wish.

4. Click Save Content when you are finished. 

To add more questions you can visit Questions & Subpages > New question at any time and follow the steps above. 

On your website it will look similar to this (depending on your theme):

Edit or delete a question

To edit or delete a question go to Website > page name > Questions & subpages.

To edit, hover over the question and click Edit. To delete the question, click the arrow.

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