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A directory page is a sortable listing of supporters with customizable display preferences.

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To use a display page, your site needs to be set to display public profiles. If you create a directory page and public profiles are not being displayed, you'll see a warning message encouraging you to turn on public profiles in your site settings. 

The people included in the directory must:

Display options

To create a directory page go to Website > [Site name] > + New page

1. Enter your page name and slug.

2. Select the Directory page type.

📌 Note: We display the eight most used page types for your nation based on your settings and add-ons. To see all available pages simply click on 'Show all page types'.

3. Decide whether to include the page in your top nav and side nav.

4. Click the Create Page button.

In Directory settings > Basics, select a particular type of people to display. You can further filter this group by choosing a particular profile tag or set of profile tags. 

Types of people who can be displayed:

  • All (supporters)

  • Recruiters 

  • Recruits*

  • Followers*

  • Followings*

  • Volunteers

  • Donors

  • Members

  • Customers

  • Active customers

  • Yes votes

  • Possible votes

Many of these options will only display if you have the enabled the corresponding features at Settings > Defaults > Basics. For example, yes votes and possible votes are displayed when you enable the voter features.

You can further refine the people to display based on tags. If you enter multiple tags separated by commas, a person who has any of the tags will be included in the directory. 

These display options must be used simultaneously. If you want to display everyone with a particular tag, select "All" from the display dropdown, then type the tag name.  Alternatively, you can use these options to refine a category. For example, you can display volunteers with a "greeter" tag to create a directory of people who volunteered to welcome new people into the community. 

The sort by dropdown allows you to define how the directory listings will be sorted on your website. You can choose:

  • Alphabetical (by last name)

  • Highest priority

  • Social capital (your nation's currency)

  • Recently added

  • Recent contact

  • Not recent contact

  • Twitter followers

Once you have defined who to display on the page, click the Save settings button. The stat boxes will update to indicate the number of profiles that match your criteria and the number of profiles that will be displayed. 

*If you display recruits, followers, or followings, the page must be viewable by people logged in. To adjust who can view the page go to the settings tab and select Logged in from the "Who can view this page?" dropdown menu. You can also make these pages viewable to only members, control panel users, or admins. 

Click the Save page button to save your changes.

The directory will display 30 people per page.

You can create an introduction to your directory in the intro section at Directory settings > Intro. Images can be added and displayed here as well.

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