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Signup pages help visitors engage with your website and opt in to receive communication on both mass and one-on-one levels.

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📌 Note: Memberships are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

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Where to start

Signup pages help visitors engage with your website and opt in to receive communication on both mass and one-on-one levels. The goal is to recruit new supporters to your nation, collect contact information, and learn more about your supporters’ interests. This is the first step to building relationships with people who care about what you are doing and cultivating them as active members of your community. Learn how to create a signup page to collect contact information and set up a workflow to keep in touch with your supporters.

Page creation starts at Website > + New page.

Create a new signup page

Create a new signup page for people to opt in to communication.

1. Enter page name and slug.

2. Select the Signup page type from the list.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and decide whether to include the page in the top nav or supporter nav of your site.

4. Click Create Page.

📌 Note: We display the eight most used page types for your nation based on your settings and add-ons. To see all available pages simply click on 'Show all page types'.

Signup settings

Select what information you want to collect from your signups by checking the boxes available at Signup settings > Basics. You can ask for, or require, people who sign up to supply an address and a phone number. Every person who signs up is required to provide an email address.

1. Take a moment to think about what information you are planning to collect. For example, you might require a phone number if you need to reach supporters on the day of an event. Adding requirements will reduce how easy it is to complete the form, which could result in a fewer number of people who signup, so it is best to be precise in what you collect.

2.  Under Signup settings > Basics there is a setting that allows people who signup to tag themselves with one or multiple tags. If you want your supporters to select one tag, your options will appear next to radio buttons. If you want supporters to choose multiple tags, the options will appear next to checkboxes. Please note that this setting is only relevant after you have created tag options for your signup page at Signup settings > Radio buttons

3. You can tag all signups by entering tags separated by commas in this textbox. More on tags below. 

4. There are three settings that can modify what a person sees after they signs up. You can have a person land on another action page by typing in the slug of the page into the text box labelled “After signing up, what page should they land on next?” Note that if a person has indicated she wants to volunteer, she will still be taken to your volunteering page.

5. You can type a message for the person who signed up in the “After signing up, show this success message” text box. This will appear after your supporter has submitted the form.

6. If you want the person who signed up to create a login, check the box labelled “Display account activation message after signing up.” This will send an email confirmation to the person who signed up, prompting her to create a password so she can sign into your site at any time. This is most valuable if you have any pages that are password protected.

7. You can add a person to a path, assign membership, and you may also assign a point person to the supporter, if a point person does not already exist for that person’s profile. These tools will allow you to keep track of your supporters and promote engagement down the line. Note that any tags added here will not be visible on the signup page. 

8. Remember to save your changes by clicking Save settings at the bottom of the page.

Create a new tag

Using a signup page, a supporter can choose tags to add to her personal profile from your website. This is a great method of self-identification and an opportunity for each supporter to share more about her interests with you.

You may add or remove tags at Signup settings > Radio buttons. Note that if you modify Signup settings > Basics to allow signups to select multiple tags, the name of this section will change to Signup settings > Checkboxes

1. Create a new tag by entering the description of the tag in the Description textbox. This description will appear to people on the signup page. We recommend being as detailed as possible when asking a person signing up to make selections.

For example, if you are creating a subscription preferences page, “Weekly polar bear advocacy email” is a better description than “Weekly newsletter" because it shows your supporters the subject and frequency of your planned emails. Alternatively, if you are a fan club or a brand, a person can identify what she is a fan of by selecting tags for specific people or products. This will help you target your outreach to individual supporters.

2. Click on the Tag dropdown menu. Any tag listed under People > Tags is included in the dropdown. A text box will appear where you can type the name of the pre-existing tag you want to select from the list. 

3. Click Add tag.

Adjust current tag settings

Once you create a list of tags for your signup page, you can adjust how these options are displayed to the people who sign up. Using the buttons at Signup settings > Basics, select whether a person can add only one tag to their personal profile or multiple tags using checkboxes.

Select the appropriate button. Remember to click Save settings at the bottom of the page.

At Signup settings > Radio buttons/Checkboxes you can change the order the current tags appear on your page by clicking on an option and dragging it to a new order in the list.

Hover over/click Edit to edit the option. Click the arrow to delete the option.

Signup display

If you do not add tag options, the person who signed up will only be asked to provide the contact information asked for under Signup settings > Basics.

If your signup page has tag options, the descriptions from Signup settings > Radio buttons will display next to radio buttons under the contact form. If the person who is signing up can make multiple selections, checkboxes are used instead of radio buttons.

If the person has previously interacted with your site they will be prompted to “Update info.” If a tag already exists on the person's profile, the corresponding radio button or checkboxes will appear pre-checked. Any new information the supporter provides through the signup page will be appended to her existing profile.

Please note, if your supporter is trying to update her profile’s primary email address, she must sign in to her public account settings page, which is accessible by clicking on “account settings” at the bottom of the page.

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