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Keeping track of interaction with supporters and prospects is key to growing your nation. People with control panel access can keep track of calls using a list's call view or by logging a contact on a person's profile. You can also print out call sheets for volunteers to record interactions and enter the results later. Similarly, you can provide people with walk sheets to help facilitate door-to-door canvassing.

Call/walk sheets live within People > Lists.

How to create sheets using a public theme

To start, create or edit a list.

  1. Go to Print sheets > Public themes.

2. Decide on a theme and click Use this theme - it will then say "Currently active".

3. Click Download sheet.

4. Click the Generate sheet button. A system message will display at the top of the control panel letting you know the sheet is being generated.
All previously generated sheets area will appear below the Generate sheet button. Refresh the page.

5. Click on the Download button to download your sheets.

List description

You can create a cover sheet, walk script, or other introductory information for the sheets. Go to Settings next to XX people and enter this information in the "List description" field. Be sure to click the Save button to save your changes.

Public theme options

There are public themes for call sheets and walk sheets as described below.

When walking a block, it can be useful to split addresses between odd and even numbers to allow canvassers to stay on one side of the street before connecting with people on the opposite side. Creating that split is the only difference between similarly named themes.

You can also use scannable sheet themes:

Learn more about how to use scannable sheets.

How to create a custom theme

You can create a fully customized theme for your walk sheet or call sheet. You can also make more minor adjustments using custom theme settings.

First, create or edit a list. Within that list:

1. Go to Print sheets.

2. In the Stock themes area, decide which theme is closest to your goals and click Use this theme.

3. Go to New theme. Provide a name and description for your theme and keep the box checked next to "Clone current theme". Click the Create theme button.

4. You can edit the HTML, CSS, and Liquid of the theme from the Template section. Click the Save button to save any changes you make before leaving this area. You can add files to the File section (e.g. a logo) and add code to display the file on your sheets.

You can make other adjustments to your sheets from the Custom theme settings section.

📌 Scannable themes cannot be cloned. Custom themes cannot be used to create scannable sheets.

Using Liquid with sheet themes

There are three liquid objects available in a sheet theme. One of them, "settings" is available most other places in NationBuilder. The other two are unique to sheet themes:

You can iterate over all the sheets using a liquid for loop:

{% for sheet in sheets %}

This text will print once per grouping of people

 {% for person in sheet %}

 This text will print once for each person in each group.

 {% endfor %}

 {% endfor %}

It is also possible to display custom people fields (and other signup variables) on walksheets using the following Liquid syntax and the slug of the desired custom field:

{{ signup.custom_values_for_display['custom_field_slug'] }}

Or as a list of every custom field on the profile:

{{ signup.custom_values_for_display }}

Custom theme settings

Within a print sheet's custom theme, the Setting section allows you to make some adjustments to the layout without editing the CSS and Liquid in the theme's template.

Page break style - when will page breaks be generated in your sheets?

  • One person per sheet
  • One street per sheet
  • One street side per sheet
  • No page breaks

Ordering - in what order will people be displayed in your sheets?

  • Most recently added last
  • Most recently added first
  • Highest priority
  • Street address
  • Last name

If you are creating walk sheets, you'll probably want to keep the ordering by street address.

Leave space for clipboard: if this box is checked, the top margin of your page will have about an inch of space to allow the sheets to be displayed on a clipboard. If the box is unchecked, the top margin will be less.

Show page numbers: if the box is checked, page numbers display on every page. If the box is not checked, page numbers will not display.


  • Landscape
  • Portrait

By default, public themes print in portrait orientation, allowing a larger number of people to be displayed on each sheet. You can change the orientation to landscape, which will allow more room for writing notes on each person.

Click the Save button to save changes to your custom theme settings.

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