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Create an ActBlue page

To integrate an ActBlue account with your nation, you'll use NationBuilder's ActBlue page type. Go to Website > [Website Name], then click the New page button.

1. Enter the name of the page and slug.

2. Select the ActBlue page type. 

3. Select the checkbox to include (or not include) the page in top or supporter nav.

📌 Note: If you're using a custom ActBlue fundraising page, and simply want to sync donations records to NationBuilder, you'll want to leave this unchecked. 

4. Click Create Page at the bottom.

ActBlue settings

Upon clicking Create Page, you'll be taken to the ActBlue settings section. 

1. Enter your ActBlue entity donation page URL. To find this:

Go to the ActBlue directory page: https://secure.actblue.com/directory

You can then search the directory for the candidate's full name and hit enter or click the search icon (clicking on the search results from the dropdown will route you to a different page). You can also search by state or office.

When you click on the candidate's name, this should pull up the entity donation page. You can then copy the URL directly from your browser, and paste it into the entity donation page URL field in your NationBuilder ActBlue page. 

The format of your URL will look something like this - https://secure.actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/239209

You can also find your number by logging in:

2. Type in the name of the ActBlue user account with access to that page.

3. Enter your ActBlue password.

4. You can choose to enter tracking code, tags, membership level donors will be given, or add donors to a path. 

5. Click Save settings.

Using an ActBlue page other than the entity donation page

Assuming you've already set up your ActBlue page type as outlined above (and named it something like "donate"), your first step will be to change the slug name of your ActBlue type page (with the /entity/fundraisers  link) to a different name than you're planning to use for your donation page link. This will allow you to use this slug name for your desired donation page link. 

Next, change the status of the ActBlue page from "published" to "hidden" at Website > [Your ActBlue page] > settings > status. This will make it so no one is able to navigate to that page through NationBuilder, yet donations will still be imported to NationBuilder. 

Finally, add a new page, and make it a redirect type page. Name it as your donation page, and insert the url of your customized ActBlue page into the settings of your redirect type page. 

If you are using the Victory Again stock theme, you also likely want to change the default "donate" button to redirect to your customized ActBlue page.  

Unless your theme has been customized, the line you need to edit to make this change will be around line 163 of your layout.html  theme file. You can remove the liquid drops (the yellow code in curly brackets) and replace it with the URL for your redirect page, and what you'd like your button to be named (i.e. donate). This will look something like the following:

<div class="helper">
  <h4><a href="{{ site.donation_page.url }}">{{ site.donation_page.headline }}</a></h4>

Changed to 

<div class="helper">
  <h4><a href="http://custom_actblue_page_url">contribute</a></h4>

Donation imports

As mentioned above, once set up, all ActBlue donations will be imported into NationBuilder. These include recurring donations, although those will not show up as a recurring donation in NationBuilder. Rather, each donation as it is processed by ActBlue will be imported as an individual donation.

ActBlue donation data is put in the queue to be updated in your nation every other even hour (i.e. 12am, 2am, 4am, etc.).

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