If you are using a new domain connected to your nation and have already pointed your name servers to NationBuilder, you can then take an extra step to verify that you own your own domain with Google.

Google has multiple products and user interfaces, so providing a step-by-step guide is not possible.

First, sign into your Google apps account. Click the link at the top of your dashboard to confirm you own your domain. 

If you have the option to verify by adding a meta tag, choose that option. 

You do not need the entire HTML snippet. The verification key is enclosed in quotation marks.

Copy the verification key without quotation marks.

Go to Website > Settings > Analytics setup and place the verification key in the "Google site verification key (for Webmaster tools and Google Apps) field.

Click the Save analytics settings button. 

If you do not have the option to verify with a meta tag, choose the option to verify by adding a TXT record

Your unique security token is in the Google Admin console verification instructions. It is a 68-character string that begins with google-site-verification=, followed by 43 additional characters.

For example:


Forward the TXT verification code to [email protected]

Remember that regardless of how you verify your domain ownership, Google will provide you with a unique code.

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