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Email stats for single blast

Find these stats by going to Communication > [Broadcaster name] > Email and locate the sent email blast. Hover over the blast and click on Edit next to the email blast or click on the Name of the Email Blast.

Stats will appear in the Dashboard of your email blast:

Sent: Total amount of supporters that were sent the email blast.

Opened: Total amount of people who opened the email. 

  • 📌 Note: Some mailbox providers (Opera, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) do not load image files by default, which can affect your open rate. We use a tiny invisible pixel to track when a recipient opens a blast if that gets blocked, the open cannot be counted. Follow our tips to optimize your email deliverability so that mailbox providers will trust the contents of your emails. Adding a visible image in the actual body of your email may encourage recipients to click "display images".  

Clicked: Total amount of clicks from an email to an external link.

Donated: Total amount of contributions raised after a recipient clicked a link from your email blast. This statistic is only tracked on NationBuilder pages, not third party sites.

Bounced: Things like "user is over quota" or "mailbox temporarily disabled" will cause emails to bounce. 

  • Certain types of bounces can indicate permanent delivery problems, and an email address will be marked "bad" after experiencing 7 or more of this type of bounce. Bounce errors that are not typically indicative of permanent deliverability problems will not ever result in the email being marked "bad."

Bad: There's certain classes of bounce (aka a "hard bounce") which mark an individual email address as bad, like the error "No such user at this address." Those will instantly mark that email as bad, and if the recipient has no other good email addresses, they will stop receiving emails from that nation entirely. 

  • Note: If you re-import someone with email address that has been marked as bad in your nation, then it will not get marked as good again by the act of importing. You need to do this manually by editing the signup.

Spam reported: Total amount of emails marked as spam by recipients. Spam reports negatively affect your email deliverability and should be avoided at all costs. This can be accomplished by sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Unsubscribed: People who have clicked the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email and opted out from further email communication. If an import re-imports a given address, and that address is marked as unsubscribed, then it does not get marked as good again by the act of importing. Do not email these users again, as that may result in your IP address being blacklisted by the spam filters. 

Links: If your email includes any hyperlinks, you will see them listed below your email stats. To their right, you'll find "First click," indicating both the number and percentage of times the link was the first one clicked by recipients; and "Clicks," indicating both the number and percentage of overall clicks on that link by recipients.

View recipients in each status

You can also see a listing of individual recipients in each engagement status bucket under the Recipients section of the blast:

In addition to the above statuses, this view includes the following additional tabs:

  • Unopened: Total amount of people who did not open the email.

  • Unclicked: Total amount of recipients who did not click a link in your email. This number includes anyone who did not open the email.   

From any given tab in this view, you can create a new list and add everyone displayed to it. For example, you might add everyone in Recipients > Unopened to a list, and then use that list to target a second "kicker" email scheduled a few days later.

📌 Pro-tip: If you go to Recipients > Bounced, you can see the raw status codes/error messages returned to us by the intended recipient's mailbox provider. Reviewing these can help diagnose possible email deliverbility problems.

Aggregate email stats for nation

To see aggregate email engagement stats for your nation during a given window of time, go to Communication > Email stats: 

The stat boxes at the top of this dashboard show cummulative email engagement data for all blasts sent by any broadcaster in your nation: 

  • Total sent: Total number of individual emails sent over the course of the selected window of time. For example, if you sent 2 blasts in the last 30 days, each to a list of 100 recipients — then your "Total sent" stat box would read 200.

  • Opened: Total amount of opens during during the selected window of time.

  • Clicked: Total amount of hyperlink clicks during the selected window of time. 

  • Unsubscribed: Total number of people who unsubscribed during the selected window of time.

  • Bounced: Total amount of bounces during the selected window of time.

  • Bad: Total number of recipients who's email address was flagged "bad" during the selected window of time.

  • Spam: Total number of times that a recipient marked one of your email blasts as "spam" during the selected window of time.

If you would like to view engagement stats for a different date range — "All time", "Last 90 days", "1 quarter ago", etc. — then click "Last 30 days" and toggle to a different option using the drop-down menu. All the stats in this view will update accordingly.

Below the cumulative, nation-wide email engagement stat boxes is a table that breaks this data down by broadcaster. Each rows includes the broadcaster name, how many blasts were sent from it during the selected date-range, along with the above combined stats for all of those blasts.

📌 Pro-tip: this view is particularly helpful if your team uses multiple broadcasters to organize and send-out email blasts, as it makes it easy to see at a glance how each of those senders is performing relative to the others.

When your email blast is queued

A blast is considered queued as NationBuilder processes all the email addresses with their respective content to be sent out for a particular blast. 

A blast is typically sent out within a minute or two after being submitted but can take up to 15 minutes if the list of recipients is exceptionally large.

Do not send out a duplicate blast if the original blast is queued. NationBuilder is processing your original blast and will send out both emails if you try to send a duplicate blast.

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