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Logging contact for an organization
Logging contact for an organization

Its helpful to have a record not only of individual contacts, but a history of every time you have contacted a person at an organization.

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Step 1: Create an organization profile

An organization can interact with a nation in the same way a person can. This means an organization can take action on your website, including making donations and paying invoices. 

In the People section, click the arrow next to New person. In the dropdown menu that appears below, click New organization to create a new organization profile.

You'll be taken to the New Organization screen.

An organization profile includes most fields included in a person profile. These fields cannot be connected to an organization: employer, occupation, demo, marital status, gender, place of worship, and deceased.


  • the physical address will be stored as work address

  • the phone number will be stored as work phone number

  • the founding date is the birth date of the organization

For our purpose, the organization needs an email address attached to it. Don’t use the main contact’s email address, use something like info@___, even though we don’t let you email those emails, it will help keep the general profile separate from any people linked to it. Enter this email address in the "Email" box

Click Add organization at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2: Connect a person with an organization

Now we can connect people's profiles to an organization. To do this, go to People > Person's profile > Relationships.

1. Under New Relationship, select the person's relationship to this organization from the dropdown menu, i.e. Manager of, Alum of, etc.

2. Select the name of the organization from the dropdown menu.

3. Input the person's title at the organization. (Optional)

4. Click Save relationship. This person will now be linked to this organization.

To connect people to an organization in bulk, you can use a batch action in a list:

  • Use the quick search to search for anyone with an email address ending in the organization's email (like or

  • Add everyone from that search to a list.

  • Batch update the list.

Step 3: Logging contact to the organization

It is helpful to have a record not only of individual contacts, but to see a history of every time you have contacted someone at an organization. When you log a contact on a person's profile, the contact can also be logged on their organization's profile.

Click on People > Select Person > Log Contact (under Dashboard).

1. Notes-Usually, you'll want to include a summary of the interaction as a note. Notes should be as detailed as possible to ensure everyone has access to the same information regarding the person's interaction with your nation.

2. Contact Method- This is how a person was contacted.

3. Contact status (Optional)- This is the result of the contact. 

4. Organization- This is where you can link the contact to the person's organization.

All of the other menus you see are optional. 

5. Click the XX was contacted button- This will record the contact on this person's profile as well as on their organization's profile.

From this point forward, you'll have extensive communication records for organizations in your nation. Interactions between people and organizations build and sustain community, and by logging all contact in your nation, transparency is enhanced and a historical record is built. 

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