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Pause or shut down your nation
Pause or shut down your nation

There are two methods for canceling your account from your control panel. You can either pause or shut down your nation.

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Where to Start

Both pause and shut down options can be done by clicking on your profile icon (located in the top right corner of the Control panel) > Contacts and billing > Close or pause account.

Pause your account

If you’re between campaign cycles, or simply need to hit pause on your nation for a bit, you can do so for a small monthly cost.

The rate of a paused nation is dependent on your database size. To see the cost of pausing your nation, click your profile icon > Contacts and billing > Close or pause account. The cost of pausing your account will be displayed under Your monthly cost to pause.

Any texting plan is disabled while paused, but you will pay $2 per phone number per month to retain access to the number.

When you pause your nation:

  • All data will be preserved in your nation, but access to it is limited to admins while paused.

  • You can download a full, non-customized people export and database snapshot.

  • You can redirect all your website URLs to a single, informational landing page.

  • You can still manage your account and password, custom domains, phone numbers and billing credit cards.

  • Existing recurring donations will continue to process.

  • You will be able to view your invoice receipts.

  • You can reactivate your plan.

To pause, you’ll click the Start downgrade button.

You will be taken to a page which will display your monthly cost to pause and provide you with some Frequently Asked Questions about pausing. If you’re sure you wish to pause, click Pause your nation.

A pop-up will display asking, “Are you sure you want to pause this nation?” Click OK.

As soon as your nation is paused, you’ll be directed to the Plan section and export/snapshot downloads will start to generate. These will be accessible here for the duration of the pause.

Setup your landing page

Once your nation is paused, you can setup a landing page. If you chose not to use this feature (or later disable it), your URL will return an error when someone visits it. The landing page will work with all websites and custom domains. 

To set up your landing page, click on Website.

  1. Select the “Turn on my landing page” checkbox.

  2. Add a headline.

  3. Add any additional content you wish to display under the headline.

  4. Click Choose File to select and upload your logo.

  5. Click Choose File to select upload a background image.

  6. Click Save landing page.

Once saved, you will see your images populate and a Live button appear at the bottom of the page. Click Live to view your landing page as it will display to anyone who visits your page.

To un-pause your nation:

Go to your control panel. The URL will be - replace "slug" with your nation name. Once you log in, you'll see a page like this:

Click on Choose your plan. The plans available will populate and outline all of the available features in each. You will be able to select a plan and resume your nation.

If you do not remember your nation slug, please email [email protected] for assistance. Any unpaid invoices must be paid before resuming your nation.

Shut down your nation

Shutdown your nation

Shutting down your nation is the permanent closure of your nation.

When you shutdown your nation:

  • All of your data will be deleted

  • Your web pages, profiles, and financial transactions will be permanently deleted from our servers

  • If you shut down your nation in error, contact us immediately and we may be able to restore it before deletion. After a nation is deleted, the content cannot be recovered.

When you click Shutdown my nation, you'll need to confirm your decision by clicking "I understand, shut down my nation."

If you cannot see the billing area of your control panel, your permission set does not allow you access. Please contact your nation's administrator for help completing these actions.

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