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Set up your nation
Change the name of your nation
Change the name of your nation

Learn how to change the name of your nation and understand the limitations associated with changing your slug.

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Change the name of the nation

The name of your nation appears in a variety of places including your nation's unsubscribe page and on the invoice receipts created by your nation. You can update this name at any time.

Update the name of your organization under Settings > click on your profile picture > Contacts and billing > Contact.

Click Save contact info at the bottom of the page so your information is not lost. You can change this name at any time.

Your nation's slug

Your slug is separate from your nation's name. Find your slug in your nation’s URL at the “myorganization” portion of "". If you are using a custom domain, the slug is visible on secure pages, such as donate pages, and when you are logged into the control panel.

Your nation's slug should not be changed. 

Please note that the word "slug" also refers to page slugs within your website. 

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