Nation settings

Settings for your nation overall live under the Settings tab. 

Under Nation defaults you'll find some important features you may or may not want enabled. This includes things like donations, voters, memberships, petitions, etc. You can click to uncheck/check any boxes next to features you want enabled/disabled. 

A notable tab within Settings is Domains. If you have a custom domain like where you'd like your website to live, this is where you connect it. 

Another important section is Payment processors. If you're going to be fundraising, you will definitely want to connect a payment processor. 

If you're using NationBuilder in relation to politics, you'll also want to set up your election under Politics.

Site settings

Under Website > Site settings > Basic you can configure all of the fundamental settings for your website. This includes your logo, images, header, analytics, and more.

Take a moment to learn about what settings can affect your website and how this changes the experience of your users.

Change the name of your nation
Set up your election
Manage control panel users
Create, edit or delete a permission set
Information about your account
Set up a payment processor
Connect a custom domain
Configure your site settings

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