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Why can’t I change my nation slug?
Why can’t I change my nation slug?

It actually makes things more complicated, so we advise against it.

Updated over a week ago

Our database structure requires the original slug to be used for console-level work and emergency-level services. Therefore, any slug change is a surface-level change and comes with limitations to your nation’s capabilities.

Effects of this limitation include:

  • Email name: If you are using NationBuilder as your email host and you are not using a custom domain, your emails will end with “” The slug within these emails is not updated with a slug change.

  • API connection: API calls must be made with the original slug. Any custom API work could be impacted.

  • Third party apps: Apps connected to your nation could be affected. Third party apps often make use of the API connection, which would be disrupted by a slug-change.

  • Invoices: Your invoices from NationBuilder will still display the original slug of your nation.

  • Network: If your nation is currently a Network HQ or a Networked nation, your nation's slug should not be changed.

  • Dropbox Integration: You will not be able to connect to Dropbox to edit your theme with a changed slug. 

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