This test newsletter was created using the "Email Basic" theme, screenshots from a website, and some tricks in relation to image resizing. See below to create your own!

Here's what you need (more on percentage settings below):  

  • A header image at 100%

  • Screenshots of any events & blog posts at 100% when in a table cell and at 50% when in the regular body 

  • Screenshot of a line of color at 100%

  • A bright bold donation ask 

First, start within an email blast. Go to Communication > [Broadcaster name] > New email blast (or open a draft) > Theme > Stock themes. Find the theme called Email basic, hover over it and click Use theme

Next, use an image for your header, set at 100% scale. To do this, make the image size a percentage instead of pixels. You can do so by clicking the General tab after uploading your image, and entering 50% in the dimensions.

Choosing those settings means that the image will be 50% of the screen space it has on whatever device it's being viewed on. So, it will scale to mobile devices.

For a donate ask, use a header sizing and make the text red after linking it to your donate page.

This makes it stand out. You also could have created a custom DONATE NOW button.

You can also use screenshots from your website - Like this screenshot of an upcoming event:

You can link the entire image to the event page - so someone can click on the 'RSVP' button and get there, but also click anywhere on the image. 

Then, put your event images into a table (+ Add > Table).

Between sections you could use a screenshot of a color set at at 100% - 

That's it! 

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