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An organization's mission should be broken down into measurable goals. These goals can be tracked within a nation.

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Each goal connects to a quantifiable aspect of a nation, so when you're creating a new goal, it is necessary to define the goal. 

There are two different types of goals that can be tracked: path goals and action goals. Path goals track the number of times a specific path was started, completed, or the total value of those completions. Action goals track counts of the core supporter action types in your nation (event RSVPs, petition signatures, donations, etc.) 

Create a new goal

On your Dashboard, click + New goal

1. Create a name for the goal. The name should reflect the goal's purpose and time frame.

2. Select the type of goal.

3. Select a value. Each goal type will have a different one. If you enter a numerical target – like a target number of petition signatures or number of paths completed. A progress bar will display how close you are to reaching this numerical total. As actions are counted, they will be reflected in the progress bar. Goal progress is updated in your Nation every hour. 

4. Decide the date to start measuring the goal. Every goal must begin at some point in time. You can measure from the beginning of your nation, for a particular quarter, or any start date.

5. Decide when the goal will end. An end date is particularly useful for measuring quarterly or annual goals. (optional)

6. Click the Create goal button.

Goals Dashboard

You can see the overview of your active goals at Dashboard > Goals > In progress.

On this dashboard you will see the list of goals that are currently tracking data.

The goals are listed in the order of their end dates. Goals that are closest to ending will be listed at top, regardless of when they were set. 

Goals must be active to be listed at Dashboard > Goals > In progress. Any goals listed here must be continuously tracking data or have expiration dates set in the future.

At Dashboard > Goals > Ended you can see past goals. These goals can be renamed, but not edited. 

You may retroactively track goals. Create a new goal and select a date that has already passed. It will accumulate the data from your nation for the designated time period. This is advantageous if you hope to look at cumulative donations from past quarters.

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