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Embed Instagram on your website
Embed Instagram on your website

You can embed a feed of photos from an Instagram handle or hashtag onto your nation's website.

Updated over a week ago

SnapWidget created a code for embedding Instagram into webpages, allowing you to choose between a slideshow, grid or map to display your Instagram photos. Navigate to their site and follow a few simple steps to create your custom embed code.

After you grab the SnapWidget code, you'll need to insert the code into a page on your website. Note that code must be added to a page's template. The HTML editor only accepts basic HTML commands - so anything from CSS to JavaScript to a widget needs to be placed in a page template or custom theme.

To insert the widget in a basic page on your website:

1. Navigate to the page you wish to embed your Instagram feed on (Website > Select your site > Hover over and click Edit next to the page title), and click Template.
2. Right after {{page.basic.content}} there are two </div> tags. Insert the code in between the </div> tags.
3. Click Save and publish changes. And voilà! You've got Instagram on your website!

Click Preview to view your newly embedded Instagram feed. If you haven't yet published the page, hit Publish at the top when you're ready for others to see it live. 

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