To help teams and volunteers stay on target, turn on path values in path settings to add a monetary value field to a given path. You can define a default path value to remind your team of the desired baseline donation ask. Then, they can update this value when a prospective donor pledges, and move them to the next step on the path. Using path view will allow the sum of the path values for each step to be displayed at the top, allowing you visibility into your pipeline. 


  • Add a path value to the path on a supporter’s profile so you can elevate prominent donors for quicker outreach from your volunteers.

  • Switch to path view to get a visual representation of everyone on your path, how much is in your pipeline, and how to prioritize future outreach. 

  • On your dashboard, set a goal for “Sum of completed path values” and select the path used to see how effective you were in accomplishing your goal. 

Using path view in conjunction with path value allows you to assess your pipeline, remain organized, and stay on target for your goals. 

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