A tag is only useful if you and your staff remember it and use it periodically on multiple profiles. You can tag a profile with 100 different tags, but unless they are specific and searchable, they won't serve much of a purpose. A great way to keep your team aligned, maintain your data's integrity, and create clarity amongst your team is to update your tag library


  • You never need to tag someone with "volunteer",  "donor", or the specific event they RSVP’d for as these are already searchable fields in NationBuilder. However, the specific role they're interested in, the skills they have, etc. can be valuable to have in a tag.

  • Delete tags that have one person or less attached to them as a tag is most effective when applied to more than one person. For example, tagging someone as "Tom's wife" would be better in the relationship section of the user's profile. 

  • You can edit the name of an existing tag by navigating to People > Tags > View all, then click Edit next to the tag you're looking to rename.

  • Using batch update, merge tags that are helpful to have but would be better suited into one cohesive tag. For example, merging Event-Cleanthestreets-2008-Attendee into Event-Cleanthestreets-PastAttendee, will clean up your tags and allow you to contact past attendees all at once, no matter what year they attended in the past.

Keeping your tag library up-to-date will keep your team aligned, save you time, and will help prevent tag bloat. Now, when a control panel user wants to search your database, they'll know where to start and can easily navigate to the specific tag they want. 

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