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Event planning

Everything you need to know about planning your events on NationBuilder

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Planning your events

With NationBuilder, you can host events for community events, parties, etc. You're able to accept RSVPs, sell tickets, track attendance, host virtual events, and more. Plus, you can display all events in your nation on a calendar page.

Setting up an event

Usually, you’ll want to create an event within a calendar but you can also set up a standalone event. There are a bunch of settings that you can customize to help make your event match your outcome such as:

  • Accept RSVPs

  • Allows guests +1

  • Show who RSVP'd

  • Ask to sign up for shifts

  • Ask for volunteers

  • Don't list this event on the website

User-submitted events

You can choose whether or not to allow people to add their own events to the calendar. This allows your supporters to self-organize with those within their community and keep building on the momentum you've worked hard to create. Plus, you have the option to moderate user-submitted content should you so choose.

Managing RSVPs & Attendees

In NationBuilder, you can track anyone that RSVPs or attends your event. RSVPs will be tracked automatically which you can filter for in the future, and as long as you mark the appropriate RSVP as attending you will be able to filter for this as well.

Under Event settings > Advanced you are able to add a person to a path, assign membership, and add tags to any person who has either RSVPed or attended. You may also assign a point person to anyone who RSVPs, if a point person does not already exist for that person’s profile.

Then, you'll be able to use RSVP or attendee filters for reminder and follow-up emails, which you could schedule to be sent as part of your event creation workflow.

Hosting a Virtual Event

Our team has put together a guide to boosting your online fundraising with a digital event and a video on how to optimize digital events when meeting in person is not possible.

To make sure your NationBuilder virtual event is set up for success there are a few tweaks to the event settings you'll want to make.

To make your NationBuilder event digital you'll need to update the Event settings > Basics > Venue name to say 'webinar' or, 'online'. You can also put a note that the webinar link will be included in the event auto-response when someone RSVPs.

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