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Tracking Conversions in automations
Tracking Conversions in automations

Track the success of a call-to-action for your automation

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📌 Note: Additional automations are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

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Tracking Conversions in Automations

Defining a conversion rule in an automation lets you set a specific call-to-action that you’d like supporters to take as part of the series. People who take a particular action will be counted as having converted, and can be optionally removed from the automation when they take that action. Being removed from the automation means that the supporter will no longer receive emails as part of that automation.

This allows you to enroll a person in an automation after they take a particular action, send them emails asking them to take another action, track when they take that action, and stop sending them reminder emails.

Defining a conversion rule

Conversion rules are set in the Settings > Conversions tab:

Setting up a conversion rule

Converting Actions

Once you’ve given the conversion a name, you’ll select the action that a supporter would take:

Actions a supporter can take to count as converted

Some of the actions will have action-specific options to choose from.

Become a Member:

  • You can specify the type of membership a user should become (or renew)

Make a Donation

You can specify:

  • the page the Donation should be made on

  • the frequency of the donation (one-time, monthly, annual, any)

  • the minimum donation amount to count someone as converted

RSVP to an Event

You can specify:

  • The particular event to which the person should RSVP

  • The type of ticket the person should select while RSVPing

Sign up on a Signup page

  • You can specify the specific Signup page that a person should sign up through

Removing people who take converting actions

At the bottom of each conversion definition form, there is the option to remove users who convert from the automation:

When this option is selected, people who convert will be removed from the automation and won't receive any subsequent emails. This is great for preventing additional emails from going out that might ask them to take the same action.

Conversion Results

Conversion results are visible under the Results > Conversions tab:

As people on the automation take converting actions, they'll show here under the stats for the particular conversion rule:

Once a person has converted, they'll also appear in filter results for having converted while on that automation:

Linking multiple automations with converting actions

Because actions that count a person as having converted can often be made on pages that can also start users on automations, it's possible to have the supporter automatically start a second automated series after taking an action that the first automated series asked them to take.

You may, for example, have a petition page set as the source for an automation with the goal of asking supporters to become one-time donors. The donation page linked in the emails of this automation could then be set both as the specific page in the "Make a donation" conversion rule, and the source of another automation that encourages one-time donors to start recurring donations or become members.

By setting up a chain of converting actions, it's possible to combine automated campaigns that encourage new supporters to take a series of actions that helps them climb a particular ladder of engagement. Not only does this reduce the manual work previously required to more deeply engage with the supporter, it allows the organization to keep track of the performance of each campaign along the way.

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