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View the automation history of a profile
View the automation history of a profile

Where to see which automations a person or organization has been enrolled in and the details of their engagement

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πŸ“Œ Note: Additional automations are available as add-ons. For more information on adding new features please see the add-ons page in your nation.

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Automation enrollment history

To see which automations a person or organization has been enrolled in, navigate to the Automations tab within their profile.

Within this tab, you'll see:

  • A list of all of the emails that this signup has received

  • The method of enrollment

  • The current step of the automation they're on

  • The status of the automation

  • Enrollment date

  • A removal date and reason (if applicable) per automation

Clicking on the downward caret at the far end of the row will display the option to remove the signup from that specific automation if they have not yet completed it.

πŸ“Œ Note: If a signup is removed from an automation prior to receiving the first email of the series, or in the rare case a signup meets the criteria to be converted out of an automation before receiving any emails, their enrollment history will not display in this view.

Hovering over each row, you'll see a "More" link. Clicking this link will take you to a view displaying the person's history of engagement with that automation. Clicking on the Name of the automation will take you directly to the automation.

Automation engagement history

Once you've clicked on the name of a given automation, you will be able to see how that person has engaged with each step within the automation.

The Status column of the table reflects how the person engaged with each email in the automation. If they haven't received the email yet, the status will reflect that the email is "Scheduled".

Clicking on the name of an email within this history view will take you to the automation.

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