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View engagement metrics over time with the Growth trends dashboard
View engagement metrics over time with the Growth trends dashboard
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πŸ“Œ Note: The version of the Growth dashboard discussed below is currently only available to customers on our Founding Leader, Enterprise and Network plans.

Want a high-level view of how your fundraising, membership, supporter acquisition, and/or voter engagement programs are performing? Navigate to Dashboard > Growth to find your nation's enhanced trends dashboard.

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You can access the key performance trends charts from your nation's dashboard, under the Growth tab.

Which reporting widgets are visible to you and your team will depend on:

  • Feature usage. So, if you're not using memberships, or you don't have voter data in your nation β€” those graphs will be hidden from the trends dashboard.

  • Permissions. If a user's permission set does not permit access to Finances, they will not be able to see the Donor or Donation reports, even if your team is using NationBuilder to collect online donations.

Each reporting widget includes a chart that visualizes your data β€” which you can hover over for more details β€” along with top-line stats for that category. Click on those stats to jump to a corresponding filter in people or finances.

Now let's take a look at each of these charts in turn!

Donor report

This bar chart is designed to help you keep tabs on your team's acquisition of new donors and retention of existing donors. Clicking the following stats will take you to a corresponding filter: Total Donors, New this month, Lapsing this month

Donor category definitions:

  • Total: Count of every person in your nation who's made at least one donation

  • New: A person who contributed their first donation to you in a given month

  • Lapsed: A donor whose most recent contribution was 12+ months ago

  • Lapsing: A donor whose most recent contribution was this month last year, between the same day of the current month and the last day of the month

Member report

This bar chart is designed to help you get a pulse on the overall health of your membership management program β€” how many new members are signing up month-over-month, and how many peoples' memberships are expiring.

Clicking the Active memberships or the Expiring this month stats will take you to those corresponding filters in the People section.

Member category definitions:

  • Active memberships: Count of people with any membership whose status is active.

  • New: Count of people who started a membership for the first time

  • Expired: Count of people with a membership that has expired

  • Expiring this month: Count of people with an active membership that is scheduled to expire between today's date and the last day of the month

Supporter acquisition report

This widget shows you how many total supporters you have, and includes a bar chart that visualizes how many new supporters you're acquiring month over month.

πŸ“Œ Note: For more on how "Supporter" status is determined, check out this doc.

Donation revenue report

This report shows you how donation revenue you're collecting over time in the form of one-time contributions vs. recurring contributions. Clicking the following topline stats will take you to a corresponding filter in the Finances section: Total Donations, Recurring this month, One-time this month.

Donation category definitions:

  • Total Donations

  • Recurring this month

  • One-time this month

Note: You need to have finances permissions in order to see this chart.

Voter engagement report

This widget appears if you've imported a voter file into your nation. It shows that total universe of voter prospects you've identified, along with how many of them you've successfully converted to supporters.

Supporter Opt-ins report

The Supporter Opt-ins report is designed to help you understand your mass communications audience. It shows the number of supporters who are subscribed to email updates, and the number who have opted-in to receiving email blasts.

The chart below these topline stats shows these opt-in numbers as a % of your total people database.

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