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Creating a Contact Your Lawmakers button
Creating a Contact Your Lawmakers button

Make it easy for your community to contact legislators on important issues.

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About the Contact Your Lawmakers button

πŸ“Œ Note: This button is only available on ActionButton Plus plans. Contact support or visit the NationBuilder pricing page for more information.

The Contact Your Lawmakers button gives your audience the ability to send a pre-written email or tweet or find phone numbers for their lawmakers. This functionality is currently only available for audiences in the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ and can be a Single Action or the second action of two Sequenced Actions.

Animated gif of a Contact Your Rep(s) button

Making your button

After clicking Create New and selecting your button type (Single Action or Sequenced Actions), scroll to the bottom and click Contact Your Lawmakers. This is where you'll create your button and see a preview of what your audience will see.

Audience Country is required, and your location is selected by default. The options are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The country you select will determine which legislators can be contacted, and who will be able to view your button. People who view your button outside the selected audience country will see a message that they're not located in your selected country with an opportunity to enter an address within that country.

Animated gif showing what a viewer outside your selected country will see

The Recipients field is required, and the available options are determined by the country you've selected above (e.g., if you select Canada, the recipients options are Canada MPs and Canada MPPs)

The Title field is required, and once entered, will appear in the preview, as will Description.

Checking the box next to Include opt-in to collect user information will show a checkbox on the email contact form that is checked by default. When a person submits this form and opts in, their information will appear in the CSV downloads available on the Data page, and can be linked to an automation within NationBuilder.

The Contact Form with prefilled email subject and body text

The checkboxes next to Email, Call, and Tweet are all checked by default (unless you select US State Legislators above). Unchecking them will remove the associated buttons from the preview.

Issue will appear as a dropdown menu if you select US Senators or US Senators and Representatives above and is required. This is because US Senators use online contact forms instead of emails, and we require you to select an issue that will be submitted along with the email body.

Email Subject (Optional) only appears when Email is checked above, and is used to create a template for your audience to use when contacting their lawmakers. What you enter here as well as in Email Body (Optional) will appear in the contact form preview. Your audience will be able to edit this before sending.

The Contact Form with prefilled email subject and body text.

Tweet (Optional) only appears when Tweet is checked above, and will prefill the Tweet field when a person clicks the button.

Once all required fields have been filled in, click Next. You can now share your button with your community!

Contact your lawmaker is available in the following countries:

United States


United Kingdom

  • Senators

  • Representatives

  • Senators and Representatives

  • State Representatives

  • State Senators

  • State Senators and Representatives

  • Governors

  • MPs

  • MPPs

  • UK MPs

  • Scottish MSPs

  • Welsh MSs

  • Northern Irish MLAs


New Zealand

  • Australian Federal Senators

  • Australian Federal MPs

  • Australia State MLCs

  • Australian state MPs or Territory MLAs

  • New Zealand MPs

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