How do I know if I am affected by this?

Find out whether your organization needs to register for 10DLC registration.

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Who is affected by this?

Your organization will be required to register if:

  • your org sends text messages from NationBuilder to supporters


  • the recipients of those messages are in the United States

So, most customers affected will be organizations in the United States who send text messages but other orgs outside of the US may be affected too.

Does 10DLC registration affect organizations in Canada?

Yes, but only organizations that send text messages to recipients in the United States need to register.

What is different about the process for 527 political organizations?

If you are a 527 political organization, you must register with Campaign Verify (a separate entity) prior to completing the A2P 10DLC registration survey. This additional vetting process is mandated by TCR in order to successfully register political entities.

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