My texts are being blocked! What now?

Find out what you need to get registered for 10DLC and how long the process might take.

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In an effort to combat spam and improve the delivery of legitimate text messages, the mobile carrier industry is requiring organizations that send text messages to US phone numbers to register as verified application-to-person ten-digit long code (A2P 10DLC) senders. The organization that oversees this registration process is The Campaign Registry (TCR), but NationBuilder will help facilitate the process for you.

How long will it take to get registered?

Registration will take between two and five weeks. In some cases the process will take longer โ€“ typically if there are errors or incomplete information in registration. Most of that time is time is a result of the high volume of applications being processed by our texting provider. The full application and registration process is outlined below.

Estimated timeline for 10DLC registration, equaling about 38 days at the maximum.

How do I get registered as a verified 10DLC sender?

Follow the steps outlined here to start this process.

What is different about the process for 527 political organizations?

If you are a 527 political organization that sends high volumes of text messages (10,000+/mo), you must register with Campaign Verify (a separate entity) before completing registration. This additional vetting process is required by TCR to successfully register political entities.

Is there any way to speed up this process?

Follow the submission instructions as closely as possible to minimize the likelihood of our texting provider discovering an error. If you have a critical deadline to start texting, please reach out to [email protected]. As most of the process is held by organizations outside of NationBuilder, we can't guarantee expedited timelines, but we will gladly work with you to find a solution.

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