What do I need to register for 10DLC?

In this article you'll find information on how to register your organization with 10DLC

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How do I get my organization registered?

Enterprise Customers

If you are on an Enterprise Plan please begin by completing this survey. Note that you will need to have a few things ready. Here's a list of the documents and information you will want to have ready and an example survey to have a look over before you get started.

All other customers

Please begin by adding the Texting registration add-on in your control panel. After completing this step you will be prompted to fill out a survey. For help with this survey please email [email protected]

1. Go to Contacts & Billing > Add ons > Texting and Registration
2. Check off the box next to "Register my account for $5 USD per month
3. Click Confirm

4. After the next page has loaded, click the blue button that says "Complete Registration form". Scroll down to read about what information is required to complete the form.

What information is required for 10DLC registration?

Whether you’re a high volume or low volume sender registration requires the same information. The information required is listed below, including a link where you can see an example application.

Organization information

  • Legal company name

  • Contact information

  • EIN/TIN Industry Segment

Message usage details

  • Info on how txt messages are delivered to your supporters

  • Explanation and examples of Opt-in confirmations

  • Two examples of regular text messages sent out by your org

The information you submit will be passed onto Twilio (our texting service provider) and may be rejected. We will stay in communication if any errors arise so they can be fixed and your registration goes through.

Is there an example registration I can preview?

Yes, here is an example registration to see all the fields and information required to complete our survey and start the registration process.

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