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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about 10DLC registration and how it affects your organization.

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How do I get registered for 10DLC?

Follow the steps outlined here to start this process.

What is 10DLC registration and why do we have to comply with it?

A2P 10DLC registration is a protocol that is part of a system in the United States that requires businesses to be verified to send texts to people through an app like NationBuilder.

An information hub known as The Campaign Registry (TCR) is the entity that sets out the requirements. The Campaign Registry has a mission to “provide a simplified, fair, and unbiased service by working with carriers, messaging companies, and industry partners to establish common standards for A2P 10DLC messaging.” They work in close collaboration with cellular phone providers in the United States and Canada.

Where can I register for 10DLC?

Navigate to your Control Panel and open the dropdown menu in your top right profile icon. Select Contacts & Billing > Add-ons > Text messaging and registration.

How do I know if my organization needs to register for 10DLC?

If your organization sends text messages through NationBuilder to recipients in the United States from a 10-digit phone number ie: 555-555-5555 then you need to register for 10DLC.

What is different about the process for 527 political organizations?

If you are a 527 political organization that sends high volumes of text messages (10,000+/mo), you must register with Campaign Verify (a separate entity) before completing registration. This additional vetting process is mandated by TCR to successfully register political entities.

Why should we comply with these new requirements?

It’s important to comply with registration requirements so your messages are sent from a “verified” organization resulting in the best deliverability, which in turn leads to better engagement with your supporters.

Registering your account will also increase how quickly your messages get delivered to recipients, which is particularly helpful if you’re texting larger audiences.

What happens if we are not registered?

Organizations that are not registered will see their text messages filtered or throttled by cellular phone carriers, meaning they will not be delivered to their intended recipients because they are not coming from a “verified” organization.

Can we opt out of this registration?

You may opt out of this registration, however beginning in July 2023, you will not be able to send text blasts through NationBuilder if you are not registered for 10DLC. Registration is required for anyone sending text blasts to US-based recipients through NationBuilder.

Will NationBuilder stop our messages if we don’t register?

Yes. Mobile carriers have declared that any organization sending texts within the US needs to register with the Campaign Registry.

Does 10DLC registration affect organizations in Canada?

Yes, but only organizations that send text messages to recipients in the United States need to register. So if your organization is in Canada but you sent text messages to supporters in the USA you need to register.

Can NationBuilder help my organization get registered?

Once you have purchased registration (or if registration is included in your contract), we will provide you with a registration form to complete. We will submit this information to our texting provider, Twilio, on your behalf.

The status of your registration will be available under Settings > Phone numbers in your control panel. If there is missing information we will get in touch with you to fix the errors until you’re registered.

Does registration have a cost?

Yes, registration does have a cost. If your monthly texting capacity is less than 10,000 messages, you will be registered as a "Low Volume" sender. This registration tier costs $5/mo.

If your monthly texting capacity is 10,000 messages or more, you will be registered as a "High Volume" sender. This tier costs $16/mo. Vetting organizations for high volume is a more intensive process for TCR, which is why this cost is higher.

If you are a 527 political organization, you will also need to register with Campaign Verify which has an associated one-time fee of $95.

If you change your texting capacity, we will automatically update your registration type (Low or High) accordingly.

I already submitted the survey and supporting information! Why am I still seeing the warning message when I create a text?

Your registration likely has not been completed yet. The registration process is mostly handled outside of our organization, so we do not have control over much of the timeline. Read more about the 10DLC registration timeline here.

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