10DLC Registration Errors

Understand the common errors that can prevent A2P 10DLC texting registration submissions from succeeding

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What to expect when a registration error occurs

How to know when an error has been identified

If we were unable to successfully register your account for optimal text delivery, you'll see an alert in your control panel. This will display something like the message below, either in your text blast content editing view (Communication > [your broadcaster] > New text blast) or on your phone settings page (Settings > Phone numbers).

Screenshot of the error message displayed in the control panel

How errors are handled

When your organization submits the texting registration form through NationBuilder, we pass that information through to our phone number and texting provider, Twilio. Twilio then validates this data to be submitted to The Campaign Registry, which is the entity pairing with US Mobile providers to verify senders. If Twilio identifies any errors or incongruities in the registration data we've passed through to them, they will report the error(s) received back to NationBuilder prior to attempting to send the information forward.

If we receive an error log from Twilio for an account, we will contact the person designated on the registration form as the primary contact for the organization with the error's details. NationBuilder will then resubmit the registration form in its entirety with the corrected details on behalf of your organization. From there, it will reenter Twilio's review process.

How to correct an error

If you've noticed an error message in your control panel, you can rest assured that a NationBuilder team member will be proactively reaching out to whomever was provided as the primary contact for the organization on the registration form.
If you were not the person listed on the registration form, but you're either the person who submitted the form or another Admin of the account who may be able to provide the necessary correction, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for details on the error.

Common Registration Errors

When a registration cannot be submitted successfully, the most common reasons for the rejection are:

  1. The official name provided for the organization does not match the name of the organization as provided on tax forms

  2. There is a typo in the business registration number

  3. The nation slug provided on the registration form is invalid or incorrect

    πŸ“Œ Note: The "slug" of your nation is the name that displays before ".nationbuilder.com" in your browser's address bar while you're logged into the control panel.

  4. The texting use case provided is incongruent with the business type and company type provided

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