⚠️ If you go back to a stock theme or a custom theme after creating an email with the visual email editor, your content will be erased.

Create a blast

Click the Communication tab to go to your list of broadcasters. Click the New email blast button on the right side of the page.

Enter your email blast details and click Create and edit email blast. You will be directed to the Theme section of your blast.

Select the "Content Blocks (alpha)" theme

Under Theme, select the "Content Blocks (alpha)" theme by hovering over the thumbnail image and click Use theme. This will save your selected theme and direct you to the “Content” section of your email.

Enter and preview content

To enter content and images for your email blast, click the Content tab of your blast.

You will find the content block types available on the right panel, in the Content tab. Drag and drop the blocks as needed to build the layout of your email.

Select a block to personalize it. For each block, you'll find a Content tab and a Styles tab in the right panel. Fill out the fields to add your content and customize the styles.

Block types available:

  • Text: one block of text

  • Two column: two blocks of text side-by-side

  • Image: one simple image

  • Image and text: image and text side-by-side

  • Button: button with hyperlink

  • Social follows: links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn pages and/or your website.

  • Spacer: spacing between two blocks

  • Divider: horizontal line

Personalize your theme

Select the Theme styles tab in the right panel of the email editor.

  • Backdrop: select your background color, padding top and padding bottom.

  • Header: select your header format (image, text or both) and enter your text.

  • Canvas: select the background color of the email body and configure the paragraph and heading styles.

  • Footer: enter the text you would like to display at the bottom of your email. Make sure to keep all elements that are required by international spam laws.

  • Mobile: decide whether you'd like to show the backdrop on mobile and set up your font sizes on mobile.

When you save your content, the preview will refresh and update with your changes. Note that you can preview it in regular desktop email format, mobile device format and text format by clicking the corresponding button.

Send yourself a test email before you send your blast. Click Send test email and enter the email address(es) in the text box. Press Send test email.

Theme saving

You can save your newly created theme by using the Save as theme button. This will create a custom theme that you will be able to re-use.

Next time you want to use that theme, you'll be able to select it from the Custom themes tab of the Theme selection step:

When you're finished with your email layout, click Save and continue and continue sending your email blast as you usually would!

Please send us any feedback you might have through the messenger in your nation or by emailing us at [email protected].

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