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What to know about email formatting for Microsoft Outlook
What to know about email formatting for Microsoft Outlook

Your email blasts may look different to your supporters using Microsoft Outlook as their email client. Here's what to know.

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Starting with the April 2023 version, Microsoft Outlook began using a standard web browser engine to render emails instead of using their Microsoft Word engine, meaning that emails will display the same as the would on other email clients. However, not all of your supporters will be using the latest version, so this article contains some things to know about older versions of Outlook and their quirks.

Image sizes

We recommend that you resize your images to be no wider than 600px before uploading them to your email blasts.

If you add an image that is wider than 600px inside a text block, you will see a warning message suggesting that you should resize it smaller. You are welcome to send your email blast as is, but please note that it may not display properly on older versions of Outlook.

If the above message appears, delete the large image from the email blast. After you have resized and saved a version of the image where the width is less than 600px on your computer, upload that new version to your email blast.

Known formatting issues

  • Buttons will always appear Square in shape, even if you choose a Rounded or Pill shape

  • White horizontal lines may appear in older versions of Outlook

  • Animated GIFs only show the first frame

  • Text does not wrap properly

  • Spacing between or around elements is smaller or larger than expected

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