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Recurring Donation Migration Support Guide
Recurring Donation Migration Support Guide

Explore how to seamlessly transition your recurring donations from third-party payment processors to NationBuilder Payments.

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Recurring Donation Migration

This process facilitates the transfer of recurring credit card donations from third-party payment processors to NationBuilder Payments, consolidating your donation processing within your nation By centralizing your fundraising efforts, you can simplify reporting and eliminate the need for manual data imports and exports. Centralized donation processing also empowers your team with streamlined recurring donation status tracking and enables donors to manage their contributions conveniently through the supporter portal.

Starting the process

Express your interest in the recurring donation migration process by completing this form. Our team will promptly reach out to guide you through the next steps.

How does Recurring Donation Migration work?

We use Stripe's subscription migration tool to transfer your existing recurring subscriptions from your current payment processor to NationBuilder Payments. This involves replicating subscription details and linking past donations to these new subscriptions within NationBuilder. Once set up, future donations are processed through NationBuilder Payments, and you can cancel the subscriptions with your previous processor.

Who qualifies for Recurring Donation Migration?

Customers with recurring credit card donations in third-party payment processors are eligible to migrate these subscriptions from their current processor to NationBuilder Payments. This service is particularly beneficial for customers aiming to fully transition from their old processors to NationBuilder Payment. Since it's a one-time process, it's not recommended for customers intending to continue using third-party payment processors.

What types of recurring donations can be migrated?

Currently, we offer migration of credit card recurring donations.

What types of recurring donation platforms do you support for migration?

NationBuilder is equipped to migrate data from various third-party processors. However, it's essential for the third-party processor to agree to provide the subscription information to us. While it is an industry standard practice, we cannot guarantee that every processor will comply with this requirement. We will work with you to communicate with your specific processor to ensure a smooth migration process.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of donations required for a migration?

While there are no strict minimums, we recommend having at least 10 recurring donations in a third-party processor to facilitate a meaningful migration.

Risks involved

As with any migration, there is a risk of some recurring donations failing. Our team is ready to support you by setting up automated emails to prompt donors to update their card information and restart their recurring series.

Costs involved

NationBuilder offers this service at no cost! After the migration of your recurring donations, standard NationBuilder Payments fees will be applicable. You can refer to a detailed list of these fees here. It's worth noting that certain third-party payment processors may charge their customers for exporting recurring subscriptions. Our team will collaborate with you to communicate with your current processor and determine if there are any charges for exporting your data.

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