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Where to start (add/edit/view relationships)

Relationships can be added/edited/viewed on a person's profile. Go to People > click on a person's profile > select the Relationships tab.

In a profile, you can define relationships between people and organizations. You can track relationships between family members, colleagues, and organizations. 

Here are some examples of relationships you can track:

  • Susan is Tom's parent.
  • Tom is Angela's spouse.
  • Angela reports to Janelle.
  • Angela and Janelle are employees of NationBuilder.
  • Janelle is an alum of Columbia.
  • Columbia Los Angeles Alums is a chapter of Columbia Alum Association.
  • Columbia Alum Association is a subsidiary of Columbia University.

Here you'll be able to add New Relationships and edit/view Current relationships. 

Relationships between people

These relationships can only be created between one person and another person in your database.

Once a relationship is created in one profile, it appears in the connected profile. For example, if you add a relationship to John's profile naming him as the parent of Jane, when you review relationships in Jane's profile you'll see that she is listed as the child of John. The relationships can be categorized as follows:

Relationships between a person and an organization

These relationships can only be created between a person and an organization.

You can add relationships between a person and an organization from the organization's profile. The relationships are described slightly differently when added from an organization's perspective:

Once you create a relationship between a person and an organization, you can log a contact on both profiles. This allows an organization's profile to be a hub of correspondence with your nation. 

For example, if you are applying for a grant from a foundation, you may speak to three different people. Your grant writer could speak to the grants officer in the morning, while your executive director speaks to the foundation's founder in the afternoon, and your program officer speaks with their VP of communication the next day. Since the grants officer, founder, and VP are connected to the foundation, all three contacts appear on the foundation's profile.

Relationships between organizations

These relationships can only be created between one organization and another organization.

Filtering relationships

There are three ways to search for people and organizations based on relationships:

Relationship type: finds all profiles with a particular type of relationship. For example, find all parents.

Relationship to (with type): finds all profiles with a particular type of relationship to a particular profile. For example, find all employees of NationBuilder. 

Relationship to: finds all profiles with a relationship to a particular profile. For example, find all profiles with a relationship to C.J. MinsterCheng.

You can also limit your search to people or organizations by toggling the view at the top of the page. Here is how I would search for all people connected to NationBuilder:

Within the People section, listings will include both people and organizations by default. You can limit your view to either People or Organizations by clicking either option to activate it. The page will automatically refresh to display your choice. 

Note that relationship filters only include relationship types created as described above. Many other criteria are available to sort people based on their relationship with your nation (e.g. donors, volunteers, assigned to a particular point person). 

Please note that relationships are not currently available for export. 

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