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Remove people from your database
Remove people from your database

Infrequently you may need to delete a large batch of people from your database. You can do this using a list.

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You can remove people from your nation by adding the people to a list and then removing all of the people on the list from your database.

When you delete people from your nation, you will lose:

  • all information about the people

  • all records of communication with the people

  • all voter data for the people 

  1. Before you delete people, we recommend taking a snapshot of your nation

2. Use Filters to find the people you'd like to delete, and add them to a list

3. From the People section, click on the word Lists.

4. Click on the list name

5. Click Settings and click Delete people from nation. You will be taken to a warning screen:

6. Type in the required text and click the red button.

You'll then see a notification at the bottom of your page stating "Deleting X people. It may take a few minutes to process."

Deleting will finish before the above confirmation message changes. Please be absolutely sure you want to delete the people from your nation before you begin.  

⚠️ Please note: People meeting any of the following conditions will NOT be deleted:

  • have a permission level (i.e. control panel access)

  • made a donation

  • were sent an invoice

  • are connected to an expenditure received an expenditure created an expenditure listed as the person / organization the expenditure was about (in support of or in opposition to)

  • are executing the removal process

Once you manually delete all donations, invoices, and expenditures connected to a person and remove the person's permission level, they can then be deleted individually or via a list. If you need help deleting a lot of financial information, e.g. a donation import, please email [email protected].

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