Set up your nation's rules

One of the steps in the setup process asks you to review the default rules for your nation. These rules live on a webpage on your site.

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Go to Website > [Site name] and search for the Rules page type to see a list of rules pages connected to your site. Typically, you'll see the one default rules page that was created during the set up process.

Published, public rules empower your nation's community to self regulate, rather than requiring each supporter submission to be monitored before publication. This is why blog comments, suggestions, user-submitted events / blogs are published immediately within your nation. It allows community members to take responsibility for their actions, allowing supporters to increase their personal commitment to the growth and health of the nation. 

Some tips on rules enforcement:

  • Simply banning rule violators from your website doesn't work. It makes people angry, and likely to return under a new pseudo name the next day. We've found that having a process in place, one that is simple and fair, is more effective in helping people get it.

  • Make sure you keep the language in the warning email autoresponse friendly and light. Remember that this is the first time many people will be made aware that a rule page even exists. The friendly warning plays a role in making sure people adhere to your system.

  • Always review flagged material before issuing warnings and violations. You are the judge, and will be held solely responsible by the members of your community if any mishaps occur in issuing warnings and violations.

  • If people are abusing the rules and flagging system, consider including a rule that prevents people from falsely flagging or accusing other users of your website. This will allow you to issue warnings and violations to people who flag others for nothing.

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