Edit, refund or delete invoices

Once an invoice is created, you can add items, print the invoice, enter a payment, or send the invoice to your customer. 

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Edit an invoice

You will be taken to these settings after creating your invoice. You can access this area at any time by going to the person’s profile > Finances > Invoices and click on either the reference number or name of the invoice.

This will open [Invoice name] > Dashboard where you can view any activity related to the invoice.

1. At [Invoice name] > Items create the list of items for your invoice. Enter a quantity, name, and price for each item. Click Add item. The prices of your items will be automatically added together to create the total for the invoice as shown on the receipt. 

Drag and drop the items to adjust the order they appear on your invoice. 

If an unfinalized invoice has been sent or has partial payments, you cannot edit or delete the individual invoice items. You will only be able to add additional items. In the case you have to adjust the amount on an invoice, you can add a new item and add a negative amount in the Amount field.

2. To print or review the invoice go to [Invoice name] > Printable PDF.

3. Under [Invoice name] > Payment you can log or process a customer’s payment. Start by entering the contact information for the customer.

The amount will generate based on the information entered when the invoice was created. Select the payment type (cash, credit card, check, money order, EFT, in-kind, wire transfer, Square, ActBlue, customer credit, prepaid, or other) from the provided dropdown menu.

If this is a credit card charge, select the correct payment processor from the dropdown menu. Enter the full credit card number. Note that by inputting credit card information in this area, your customer will be charged when you click Pay invoice.

To check what credit cards your payment processor accepts, visit Settings > Payment processors > All processors and then click on the edit button next to the processor you wish to edit.

Any transactions that are not cash, credit card, customer credit, or prepaid will provide a text box for the “Check/Wire/MO” number associated with the payment.

Finish by entering a time and note for the invoice.

Click Save invoice to log the payment. 

4. Send the invoice to a customer at [Invoice] > Send. When you send an invoice it includes a link to your website where your customer can process the payment through an invoice page.

Enter your customer’s email. Use the dropdown menu to select the invoice page your customer should use to pay. You must create a website page with the “Invoices” page type to select an option here.

Click Send invoice.

If you want to resend the invoice go to [Invoice name] > Resend. You will see the date of when you last sent an invoice. Confirm the email address and click Resend invoice

5. After your invoice has been processed, the amount paid should appear in a person’s profile at Finances > [Amount] revenue.

When you decide to log or charge a credit card for an invoice payment through the control panel, another person, who is not the customer, may want to pay for the invoice. Once you enter the person's payment information and pay for the invoice, the invoice will still be logged in the customer's profile, and will also appear in the profile of the person who paid. If the person responsible for the payment does not have an existing profile, a new profile will automatically be created. That person will also receive the revenue.

Delete an invoice

To delete an invoice, go to your customer’s profile to Finances > [Amount] revenue > Invoices.

You will see a list of invoices attributed to your customer. Find the invoice you want to remove and click on the Trash Can button to the right of your invoice details. You cannot delete invoices with existing payments, that have been closed, or have been finalized.

Refund an invoice

When you refund a credit card charge, the refunded amount will automatically go back to the customer credit card.

To refund a credit card charge, go to the customer’s profile > Finances > [Amount] revenue > Invoices and click on either the reference number or name of the invoice.

You will land on the invoice dashboard. From here, hover over and select Edit next to the payment amount.

Automatically, the “Amount to refund” field will populate with the payment amount you selected to refund. If you want to make a partial refund, you will have to wait for the credit card payment to settle before you can change the amount you want to refund. Partial refunds can only be made if transactions go through PayPal, Authorize.net, or Stripe.

Click on the Refund invoice payment button. Once the refund goes through, the refund button gets removed from the invoice payment once the payment can no longer be refunded.

Note: Another way to get to the refund section is to click on the arrow next to the payment amount from the invoice dashboard. Then, click on  Refund and follow the same steps as above.

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